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Amazon FBA Alphas Coaching By Sharon Even - 7 Figure Amazon FBA seller, Entrepreneur Mom and Wife!


I am a 30-year-old entrepreneur who started her ecommerce journey at the age of 15 importing and selling sunglasses in New Zealand on over the years I moved on to eBay, virtual shops and eventually Amazon. I have lived all over the world and my ecommerce businesses were always my back up side hustle income until I fired my boss and turned my side hustle into my Main Income Streams. 

Balancing life between Wife, Mom, and Entrepreneur - Today, one of my businesses is creating Private Label Brands and selling them on Amazon, I am a successful 7 figure/year Amazon seller.

Now I want to help you build an ecommerce business on Amazon too, because if I can do it - so can you!

During our 1:1 coaching we will go in-depth into the area you struggle with the most in your Amazon Business, this could include: product research, product evaluation, launching, PPC set up and optimization, learning to read reports,  scaling and much much more.

I will always give you my honest evaluation even if it's not what you wanted to hear, because Amazon is a Jungle, So dominate and be an Alpha! I'm here to help you with your domination journey, to make/save money and grow your business! 

Coaching Calls are done through Skype for audio/ video and for screen sharing. 

Questions? Find me here: 

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